About Brogeen Crafts

Pictures of Jeremiah in action

Bringing the Past to Life

From a very young age Jeremiah Dennehy has had a unique interest in wood. It is amazing to watch how he peels away years of deposits to reveal a unique and breath- taking work of art. This fascination was passed on to him from his father who too was very creative. They spent their evenings together restoring rare antiques to the finest quality. With their meticulous nature they spent hours French polishing such items to give them that final touch. As time progressed Jeremiah followed in the footsteps of his father and shared that same interest in old antique products. However Jeremiah decided to take this interest to another level and recreate such works of art. Hence “Brogeen Crafts” was established where Jeremiah could express himself with every turn of his chisel when creating hand turned wooden lamps, bowls, goblets and platters. He has in turn passed on this gift to his son Denis, who shares his father’s interest. They have now undertaken a new venture and opened the craft shop and gallery “Brogeen Crafts” where Jeremiah can display his beautiful pieces. This family run business is situated on the outskirts of Kanturk not far from Kanturk Castle.

Jeremiah is renowned for his artistic streak and attention to detail. It is fascinating to watch how he transforms an old piece of bog oak into a beautifully sculptured work of art, be it a turned wood bowl or a turned wood platter. To us it is merely a piece of aged wood but to Jeremiah, it is a work in progress with each layer telling its own tale. Inspired by Irish folklore Jeremiah creates rare masterpieces including hand crafted wood clocks, mirrors, lamps and hand crafted mirrors. Each piece is truly unique, some dating back to the time of the Celts and others to the era of the mighty Fionn macCumhaill himself when he roamed the bogs and forests of Ireland. Many unusual pieces of bog oak, spalted ash and spalted beech are a joy to behold and would grace many a sideboard.

Situated in a workshop by the river Brogeen, Jeremiah finds his inspiration in the beauty of nature all around him. He sees the potential beauty in the simplest of pieces and with his distinctive skills he turns each piece of wood into an exclusive masterpiece. Jeremiah takes great pride in his work and with his unique attention to detail he ensures that each sculpture is of the finest quality. Going back to Mother Nature herself, Jeremiah sources all of his materials locally. With the bog oak sourced from Sliabh Luachra Bog and Spalted Beech from Kanturk Castle one can really feel a connection with their Irish heritage. This collection would add the finishing touch to any home with its exceptional lamps, chalices, bowls, tables, mirrors, pens and platters to name but a few. Jeremiah has recently completed his new range of jewellery entitled “Brogeen Jewellery” which is an exclusive collection of Irish handcrafted pendants, bracelets ad ear rings inspired by Celtic designs. There is no end to his talents. Created from a rare bog wood or elite spalted beech each piece is unique and truly one of a kind. Whether your taste is a traditional masterpiece or a contemporary work of art, Jeremiah can create the perfect piece to suit your lifestyle. Choose from our extensive range of products or one off commissioned pieces. Bring the past alive in your home with your own original Brogeen masterpiece.

The Story of Bogwood

Bog wood is one of the most unique and rare materials found in Ireland. It is excavated from deep underground and often comes with many unusual features. Waterlogged and completely free from oxygen, the wood is naturally preserved as it is immersed in the Bogs from between 2000-7000 years. Oak, Pine and Yew trees are the most common trees found in the bogs of Ireland. They vary in colour and boast some of the most unique and beautiful forms. Bog wood in usually jet black though sometimes a very dark brown whereas Bog Yew (the rarest of the three) can be beige, streaked with red or a dark purple.

It is from the Sliabh Luachra Bog that Jeremiah sources the majority of his Bog wood. Sliabh Luachra is an area in Munster which borders the counties Cork, Kerry and Limerick. Situated beside the River Blackwater, it claims some of the most beautiful bog lands in Ireland. A place drenched in music and culture, Sliabh Luachra hosts many talented musicians, poets and story tellers. Jeremiah is privileged to be able to source such rare and beautiful wood for his exquisite pieces. Each piece represents the beauty of nature around us in the Emerald Isle and adds a touch of class to any home.